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Supplemental Material for McHugh et al., 2020

posted on 11.03.2020, 14:15 authored by Daniel R. McHugh, Elena Koumis, Paul Jacob, Jennifer Goldfarb, Michelle Schlaubitz-Garcia, Safae Bennani, Paul Regan, Prem Patel, Matthew J. Youngman
These data support our functional characterization of DAF-16 during aging in Caenorhabditis elegans. We monitored the survival of daf-16 mutant larvae and adults upon infection with the bacterial pathogen P. aeruginosa to investigate a possible role for DAF-16 in host defense. We also examined age-dependent changes in gene expression, including transcriptional targets of DAF-16, by RNAseq, by qRT-PCR, and by in vivo reporter analysis.


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DAF-16 and SMK-1 Contribute to Innate Immunity During Adulthood in Caenorhabditis elegans

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