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Supplemental Material for Goudeau et al., 2021

posted on 2021-03-03, 00:14 authored by Jérôme Goudeau, Catherine S. Sharp, Jonathan Paw, Laura Savy, Manuel D. Leonetti, Andrew G. York, Dustin L. Updike, Cynthia Kenyon, Maria Ingaramo
Supplementary Tables
Table S1wrmScarlet1-10, wrmScarlet11, sfGFP1-10, sfGFP11, sGFP2(1-10) and sGFP2(11) DNA sequences
Table S2C. elegans toolkit lines expressing single-copy of wrmScarlet1-10 and/or sfGFP1-10, and sGFP2(1-10)
Table S3C. elegans strains, genotypes and sources
Table S4crRNAs, HDR templates and oligonucleotide sequences
Table S5Plasmid sequences
Table S6Lifespan data and statistics

Supplementary Figures and Legends (Figure S1 - S12)

Supplementary Text includes:
- Supplementary Materials and Methods
- Supplementary Results

- Supplementary Results – Literature cited

- Supplementary Protocol


Article title

Split-wrmScarlet and split-sfGFP: Tools for faster, easier fluorescent labeling of endogenous proteins in Caenorhabditis elegans