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Supplemental Material for Berni et al., 2022

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posted on 2022-05-04, 17:12 authored by Marcus Berni, Leonardo LimaLeonardo Lima, Daniel Bressan, Alison Julio, Larissa Bomfim, Yasmin Simão, Attilio Pane, Isabela Ramos, Pedro L. Oliveira, Helena Araujo
Blood feeding Rhodnius prolixus is an insect vector of Chagas disease. To understand how color is genetically determined in this hemiptera, we have functionally analyzed putative cuticle and eye pigmentation genes. Our results suggest that R. prolixus uses ommochromes and melanins for cuticle pigmentation. In addition, color patterning seems to rely on a restricted set of tyrosine pathway genes, where the function of an entire branch of tanning loci may have been lost


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Atypical strategies for cuticle pigmentation in the blood-feeding hemipteran Rhodnius prolixus