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Supplementary Material for Harrington et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-08-03, 18:11 authored by Sophie A. Harrington, Anna Backhaus, Ajit Singh, Keywan Hassani-Pak, Cristobal Uauy

Supplementary Table 1: Kallisto mapping statistics.

Supplementary Table 2: List of de novo differentially-expressed genes.

Supplementary Table 3: List of candidate senescence regulators, as shown in Figure 2.

Supplementary File 1: Contains Supplementary Figures 1-4.

Supplementary File 2: Contains the enriched GO terms for the GENIE3 targets of all transcription factor families and of the candidate senescence regulators (Supplementary Table 3). See README file in folder for further details


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The Wheat GENIE3 Network Provides Biologically-Relevant Information in Polyploid Wheat

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