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Supplemental Material for Zhou et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-04-21, 13:38 authored by Xiaogang Zhou, Likun Zheng, Luyu Guan, Jing Ye, Aleksandra Virag, Steven D. Harris, Ling Lu
Figure S1 contains verification of related deletion strains and complementary strain.
Figure S2 contains verification of related GFP-labeling strains.
Figure S3 contains the phenotypes of paxB and acnA deletion strains.
Figure S4 contains the localization of α-actinin and PaxB.
Figure S5 contains the detection of the mRNA expression levels of acnA and paxB.
Figure S6 contains Co-IP assay for α-actinin and PaxB.
Figure S7 contains bioinformatic analysis of the potential interacting proteins of α-actinin AcnA, PaxB and Actin ActA.
Table S1 contains GFP-α-actinin pulled-down protein list.
Table S2 contains PaxB-Flag pulled-down protein list.
Table S3 contains putative common-shared interacted proteins by α-actinin and PaxB.


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The Scaffold Proteins Paxillin B and α -Actinin Regulate Septation in Aspergillus nidulans via Control of Actin Ring Contraction

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