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Supplemental Material for Vendramin et al., 2020

posted on 2020-03-16, 14:08 authored by Stefania Vendramin, Ji HuangJi Huang, Peter A. Crisp, Thelma F. Madzima, Karen M. McGinnis
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Figure S1: Rab17 RT-qPCR

Figure S2: MDS clustering

Figure S3: DNG RT-qPCR

Figure S4: Promoter methylation in Mop1 WT and mop1-1 mutant for DEGs and non-DEGs

Figure S5: Heatmap (Log2 FC) of TF Network DEGs

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Table S1: DEGs no. for DE analysis using different biological replicates no.

Table S2: Maize protein phosphatases class A (PP2C-A)

Table S3: Genes differentially expressed in mop1-1 mutant seedling & SAM

Table S4: Number of GO terms found for DEGs in four groups

Table S5: Number of genes found in each model group and subgroup

Table S6: High-confidence miRNAs

File S1: Groups I-VII log2FC

File S2: GO term enrichment per DEG group

File S3: Homologous TFs

File S4: Tiers and Downstream genes

File S5: Group model parameters per gene

File S6: Genome-wide siRNA changes in mop1-1 mutant

File S7: TGS2 target genes

File S8: SeqCap DNA methylation ratios in all sequence contexts

File S9: Promoter DNA methylation for Mop1 wildtype ABA-responsive DEGs

File S10: MOP1-ABA targets with a loss of siRNA and DNA methylation at ABRE sites


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Epigenetic Regulation of ABA-Induced Transcriptional Responses in Maize

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