Supplemental Material for Schmidt et al., 2020

File_S1-T1 contains a list of strains and sequences of barcodes introduced into each strain. File_S1-T2 contains a primer list. File_S1-T3 contains complete sequence of the 150 bp barcode element inserted into each strain. File_S1-T4 provides the absorbance of individual cultures prior to pooling. File_S1-T5 and File_S1-T6 contains a summary of experimental conditions. File_S1-T7 provides the results of all pair-wise comparisons (log2 fold-change) and associated statistics. File_S2 includes all supplementary figures including absorbance and sugar utilization data for all experiments discussed in the manuscript. File_S3 provides the code used in pair wise comparison of strain performance. All raw count data is provided in File_S4.