Supplemental Material for Nyine et al., 2018

Figure S1 is the workflow for SNP imputation in wheat. File S1.txt contains SNP HapMap used in genome-wide association and genomic prediction. Table S1 contains a summary of GBS data generated for the winter wheat diversity panel. Table S2 shows the phenotypes collected for stripe rust resistance. Table S3 contains the pair-wise Pearson’s correlation coefficient for stripe rust resistance phenotypic values. Table S4 contains the significant marker-trait associations obtained in the GWAS of resistance to wheat stripe rust. Table S5 shows the overlap of identified GWAS signals with SNP previously shown to be associated with resistance to wheat stripe rust. Table S6 shows the association of the Ventriup marker with stripe rust resistance. Table S7 contains a list of SNP significantly associated with stripe rust resistance and showing high LD (r2 > 0.5) with the Ventriup marker.