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Supplemental Material for Kong et al., 2018

posted on 2018-05-31, 15:31 authored by WenQian Kong, Changsoo Kim, Dong Zhang, Hui Guo, Xu Tan, Huizhe Jin, Chengbo Zhou, Lan-shuan Shuang, Valorie Goff, Uzay Sezen, Gary Pierce, Rosana Compton, Cornelia Lemke, Jon Robertson, Lisa Rainville, Susan Auckland, Andrew H. Paterson
File S1 contains genotypes for the bin map. File S2 contains genotypes for the original map. File S3 contains the genomic positional information for bin markers. File S4 and S5 contain phenotypes from 2011 and 2012 respectively. Supplemental tables are included in the docx.


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Genotyping by Sequencing of 393 Sorghum bicolor BTx623 × IS3620C Recombinant Inbred Lines Improves Sensitivity and Resolution of QTL Detection

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