Supplemental Material for Jacobsen et al., 2019

Additional file 1. Supplementary tables 1-22. 1. Significantly differentially expressed genes in promyelocytes treated with TNF-a, differentiated into granulocytes and macrophages, and granulocytes treated with TNF-a. 2. RT-qPCR and RNA-seq of CDK1, TNF, and VCAM1. 3-21. Functional analysis summary tables of GSEA, GO, KEGG, and hallmark terms enriched in subsets of differentially expressed genes. 22. Primers and probes used for RT-qPCR validation.

Supplementary figure 1. PCA of VST-normalized transcript counts show conditions cluster together in A) promyelocytes treated with TNF-a, B) granulocytes treated with TNF-a, and C) promyelocytes differentiated into granulocytes and macrophages.