Supplemental Material for Jacobsen et al., 2019

posted on 01.07.2019 by Elsie C. Jacobson, Lekha Jain, Mark H. Vickers, Ada L. Olins, Donald E. Olins, Jo K. Perry, Justin M. O’Sullivan

Additional file 1. Supplementary tables 1-22. 1. Significantly differentially expressed genes in promyelocytes treated with TNF-a, differentiated into granulocytes and macrophages, and granulocytes treated with TNF-a. 2. RT-qPCR and RNA-seq of CDK1, TNF, and VCAM1. 3-21. Functional analysis summary tables of GSEA, GO, KEGG, and hallmark terms enriched in subsets of differentially expressed genes. 22. Primers and probes used for RT-qPCR validation.

Supplementary figure 1. PCA of VST-normalized transcript counts show conditions cluster together in A) promyelocytes treated with TNF-a, B) granulocytes treated with TNF-a, and C) promyelocytes differentiated into granulocytes and macrophages.


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TNF-alpha Differentially Regulates Cell Cycle Genes in Promyelocytic and Granulocytic HL-60/S4 Cells

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