Supplemental Material for Hoffmann et al., 2018

Table S1: Ancestry association. Table S2: BMI by ethnicity/nationality for GERA. Table S3: extended novel GERA results in the replication in GIANT. Table S4: Previously known BMI loci. Table S5: SNPs GWAS significant in the meta-analysis of GERA and GIANT. Table S6: Conditional SNPs. Table S7: Sex heterogeneity test. Table S8: Age heterogeneity test. Table S9: Credible sets. Table S10: BMI-associated variants annotation. Table S11:BMI x age pairwise heritability interactions. Figure S1: Age- and sex-adjusted BMI distribution in GERA ethnicity groups. Figure S2: BMI Manhattan and Q-Q plots. Figure S3: Locus plots. Figure S4: GIANT Manhattan imputed SNPs. Figure S5: Effect size comparisons amongst GERA, GIANT, and UKB. Figure S6: dominance Q-Q plot. Figure S7: Epistasis Q-Q plot. Figure S8: Sex effect size differences. Figure S9: sex effect size differences Q-Q plot. Figure S10: Age differences Q-Q plot.