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Supplemental Material for Cohen et al., 2018

posted on 2018-11-08, 17:17 authored by Jennifer CohenJennifer Cohen, Kristen M. Flatt, Nathan SchroederNathan Schroeder, Meera V. Sundaram
Table S1 contains complete genotypes of all strains used. Table S2 contains Genbank and Uniprot accession numbers for all C. elegans ZP protein sequences. Table S3 contains summary information for eleven previously studied ZP proteins. Figure S1 contains a diagram of C. elegans ZP proteins sorted by ZPc cysteine number. Figure S2 contains multiple sequence alignments for all C. elegans ZP proteins. Figure S3 contains RT-PCR results for dex-1(cs201). Figure S4 contains images of dyf-7 mutants. Figure S5 contains images of dex-1 mutant excretory canals. File S1 contains references cited in the Supplemental Figures and Tables.


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Epithelial Shaping by Diverse Apical Extracellular Matrices Requires the Nidogen Domain Protein DEX-1 in Caenorhabditis elegans

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