Supplemental Material for Brenner et al., 2019

<b>Figure S1</b> shows an overview of mitochondrial RNA editing sites in three <i>Populus</i> species, complementing Figure 1 in the main text.<br><b>Figure S2</b> shows RNA editing sites in all affected mitochindrial genes in the four <i>Populus</i> species investigated, complementing Figure 2 in the main text.<br><b>Figure S3</b> shows an annotated graphical representation of the mitochondrial genome of <i>Populus alba</i>.<br><b>Figure S4</b> shows a multiple sequence alignment of the mitochondrial <i>nad6</i> gene of different <i>Populus</i> species and accessions, complementing Figure 4 in the main text.<br><b>File S1</b> contains the R script used to investigate and graphically display RNA editing.<br><b>File S2</b> contains a modified version of Varianttools (Schroeder <i>et al.</i>, 2016) optimized for investigating RNA editing.<br><b>File S3</b> contains the reference sequences of all mitochondrial genes investigated with regards to RNA editing in this study.<br><b>Table S1</b> lists information about the RNA-Seq runs unsed in this study.<br><b>Table S2</b> lists the settings of the tools of the CLC Workbench Version 11.0 used for mapping RNA-Seq runs to reference sequences in order to identify potential RNA editing sites.<br><b>Table S3</b> contains evaluation tables of potential RNA editing sites.<br>