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Supplemental Material for Ma et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-03-30, 15:29 authored by Jun-Yu Ma, Xie Feng, Feng-Yun Xie, Sen Li, Lei-Ning Chen, Shi-Ming Luo, Shen Yin, Xiang-Hong Ou

Figure S1. Oocytes used in this study. NSN, NSN-SN, and SN stage oocytes were used in this study. Peri-antral follicular and antral follicular NSN and NSN-SN oocytes are the growing oocytes in which transcription is active and chromatin is decondensed or less condensed. Antral follicular SN oocytes are the fully-grown oocytes in which transcription is inactive and chromatin is condensed.

Figure S2. Cytoplasmic EdU signals locate at the mitochondria in mouse oocytes. Mitochondria are marked by mitofilin. EdU (purple), mitofilin (green) and DNA (blue). Bar = 20 μm.

File S1. EdU signals in the oocytes recovered for 24 h after DSB inducement by 1 μM Bleomycin. EdU (green), γH2A.X (red) and DNA (blue). Bar = 10 μm.


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Double-strand breaks induce short scale DNA replication and damage amplification in the fully-grown mouse oocytes

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