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Supplemental Material for He et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-04-28, 17:16 authored by Yonghui He, Qing Yang, Jun Yang, Yong-Fei Wang, Xiaoliang Sun, Shu Wang, Weiwei Qi, Zeyang Ma, Rentao Song

Figure S1. Embryo rescue experiment and phenotypic features of developing wild-type and sh4 kernels.

Figure S2. Comparison of starch, protein (total, zein, and nonzein protein), and lipid contents of mature WT and sh4 endosperm.

Figure S3. Mature F2 ear of sh4-cas9 × W22 line.

Figure S4. The schematic structure of the Sh4/ZmYSL2 gene in the maize genome.

Figure S5. Antibody specificity was detected in the developing kernel.

Figure S6. Comparison of the Zn, Cu, and Mn concentration in the whole kernel, endosperm, and embryo of mature WT and sh4 kernels.

Figure S7. Fe localization in longitudinal sections of WT, sh4, and sh4-cas9-1 developing (15 DAP) kernels by Perl’s staining.

Figure S8. Longitudinal sections of developing WT and sh4 kernels.

Figure S9. Cell morphology of wild type and sh4 endosperm aleurone layers at different developmental stages.

Data S1. Text file of the alignment used for the phylogenetic analysis shown in Figure 4A.

Data S2. Significantly differentially expressed genes of sh4 endosperm compared with WT endosperm at 15 DAP.

Data S3. GO terms enriched in sh4 DEGs with functional annotations.

Data S4. List of primers.


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shrunken4 is a mutant allele of ZmYSL2 that affects aleurone development and starch synthesis in maize