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Supplemental Material for Feng et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-09-01, 14:28 authored by Laibao Feng, Aimin Ma, Bo Song, Sibin Yu, Xiaoquan Qi
Figure S1 contains sequencing coverge and SNP distribution. Figure S2 contains the pipeline of bin-map construction. Figure S3 contains crossover distribution. Figure S4 contains phenotype distribution. Figure S5 contains QTL dection power. Figure S6 contains genetic effects of each QTL. Figure S7 contains procedures of targeted sequencing libraary construction. Figure S8 contains genotyping results of recombinants. Figure S9 contains fine-mapping causal gene for qHD6-2. steps . Figure S10 contains fine-mapping causal genes for qGL3-1 and qGW5-2. Figure S11 contains fine-mapping for qGL3-3. Figure S12 contains QTL-QTL interaction networks. Figure S13 contains phenotypic distribution for four-locus network at qPH1-2 locus. Figure S14 contains phenotype estimation bias. Figure S15 contains phenotypic prediction. Figure S16 contains dominance effects for all QTLs.
Genotype.xlsx file contains the genotype information.
Phenotype.xlsx file contains the phenotype information.
Table S1 contains all additve, dominant QTLs and QTL-QTL interactions.
Table S2 contains the information of newly developed markers by using targeted sequencing technology.


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Mapping causal genes and genetic interactions for agronomic traits using a large F2 population in rice