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Supplemental Material for Adak et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-03-10, 17:41 authored by Alper AdakAlper Adak, Clarissa Conrad, Yuanyuan Chen, Scott C. Wilde, Seth C. Murray, Steven Anderson, Nithya K. Subramanian

Primer development and designs used in KASP genotyping are given in Table S1 and S2. Table S3 contains the number of row plots of HIFs with their population background and SNPs information. Tables S4 and S5 contain the results of explained percent variations estimated by Equations 2 and 3 respectively for ruler measurements. Figures S3 and S4 contain the BLUEs for SNPs and the interaction of SNPs with populations obtained by Equation 2 for ruler measurements. Figure S5 contains the BLUEs for flowering times estimated by Equation 3. Figures S6 and S7 contain the BLUEs for the interactions between both SNPs and combined interactions between SNPs and populations respectively for ruler measurements estimated by Equation 3. Figure S8 contains Pearson correlations between UAS-PHT with ruler measured means and median. Figure S9 contains the linkage disequilibrium decay plots for each chromosome.


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Validation of Functional Polymorphisms Affecting Maize Plant Height by Unoccupied Aerial Systems (UAS) Discovers Novel Temporal Phenotypes