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Supplemental Material for Tran Van et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-02-11, 14:43 authored by Patrick Tran Van, Yoann Anselmetti, Jens Bast, Zoé Dumas, Nicolas Galtier, Kamil S. Jaron, Koen Martens, Darren J. Parker, Marc Robinson-RechaviMarc Robinson-Rechavi, Tanja Schwander, Paul SimionPaul Simion, Isa Schön
Supplementary Material describing more details of the genome assembly pipelines and assembly parameters (Sm1), the annotation of protein coding genes (SM2) and the estimation of genome size and heterozygosity by genome profiling analysis (SM3). The supplementary material also contains an overview of RNA sequencing reads from ostracods in GenBank (Table S1), the origin of the biological ostracod material of the study (Table S2), statistics of ostracod genome sequence data (Table S3), statistics of ostracod transcriptome sequence data (Table S4), statistics of ostracod resequencing data (Table S5), statistics of genome assemblies of ostracods (Table S6), statistics of protein coding gene annotations and other gene features in ostracod genomes (Table S7), and annotations and gene features of crustacean genomes of the last four years (Table S8). We also show results of GenomeScope analyses of two individuals of the ostracod Darwinula stevensoni and two of the ostracod Notodromas monacha (Figure S1A-D).


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First annotated draft genomes of non-marine ostracods (Ostracoda, Crustacea) with different reproductive modes