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Supplemental Material for Minio et al., 2023

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posted on 2023-06-02, 15:17 authored by Andrea Minio, Rosa Figueroa-Balderas, Stephen P. Cohen, Shahin S. Ali, Denny Carriel, Dahyana Britto, Conrad Stack, Indrani K. Baruah, Jean-Philippe Marelli, Dario Cantu, Bryan A. Bailey

Supplemental Figure 1 contains the variant distribution across the five M. roreri SMRT-reads assemblies, Supplemental Figure 2 contains the phylogeny between M. roreri isolates based on shared structural variants, Supplemental Figure 3contains the breakdown of non-single copy genes shared between the different isolates, Supplemental Figure 4 contains the shared orthogroups between the 22 M. roreri isolates, Supplemental Figure 5 contains the counts of genes affected by variants categorized by gene function, Supplemental Figure 6 contains the function distribution of the genes affected by SNPs and structural variants in MrC26, Supplemental Table 1 contains the geographic origin of the Moniliophthora roreri isolates used in this study, Supplemental Table 2 contains the complete statistics for the assembly results, Supplemental Table 3 reports the genomes assembly completeness assessment, Supplemental Table 4 reports the results of the RNAseq and differential expression analysis, Supplemental Table 5 reports the count and expression analysis results for the secretome genes, Supplemental Table 6 contains the secretome gene cluster analysis results.


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Clonal reproduction of Moniliophthora roreri and the emergence of unique lineages with distinct genomes during range expansion

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