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Supplemental Material for Keller et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-03-29, 14:06 authored by Cheryl A. Keller, Alexander Q. Wixom, Elisabeth F. Heuston, Belinda Giardine, Chris C.-S. Hsiung, Maria R. Long, Amber Miller, Stacie M. Anderson, April Cockburn, Gerd A. Blobel, David M. Bodine, Ross C. Hardison
Figure_S1 contains a protocol for the optimization of chromatin shearing.
Figure_S2 contains a comparison of called peaks and % FRiP with overlapped-hc peaks and % FRiP-hc,
respectively, for CTCF and TAL1.
Figure_S3 contains a comparison of matched vs non-matched input control on the number of called peaks and FRiP scores in four retrospective TAL1 datasets.
File_S1 contains detailed descriptions of supplemental File_S2 and Tables_S1-S4.
File_S2 contains code used to analyze peaks and motifs.
Table_S1 contains a list of datasets and metadata for all ChIP-seq samples.
Table_S2 contains data on peaks and motifs statistics.
Table_S3 contains a list of datasets and accompanying metadata for all input samples.
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Article title

Effects of sheared chromatin length on ChIP-seq quality and sensitivity