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Supplemental Material for Huang et al., 2020

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posted on 2020-12-18, 16:06 authored by Kang Huang, Gwendolyn Huber, Kermit Ritland, Derek W. Dunn, Baoguo Li
Polyploidy poses several problems for parentage analysis. We present a new polysomic inheritance model for parentage analysis based on genotypes or allelic phenotypes to solve these problems. The effects of five factors are simultaneously accommodated in this model: (i) double-reduction, (ii) null alleles, (iii) negative amplification, (iv) genotyping errors and (v) self-fertilization. To solve genotyping ambiguity (unknown allele dosage), we developed a new method to establish the likelihood formulas for allelic phenotype data and to simultaneously include the effects of our five chosen factors. We then evaluated and compared the performance of our new method with three established methods by using both simulated data and empirical data from the cultivated blueberry (Vaccinium corymbosum). We also developed and compared the performance of two additional estimators to estimate the genotyping error rate and the sample rate. We make our new methods freely available in the software package POLYGENE, at


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Performing Parentage Analysis for Polysomic Inheritances Based on Allelic Phenotypes

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