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Supplementary Material for Dannah et al., 2018

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posted on 2018-04-16, 19:22 authored by Nora Dannah, Syed Nabeel-Shah, Christoph F Kurat, Sarah Sabatinos, Jeffrey Fillingham
Supplementary tables 1lists yeast strains used in the study. Supplemental Table 2 lists primers used in the study. Supplemental Table 3 lists accession numbers for sequences used in phylogenetic aspects of the study. Supplemental Figure 1 compares fungal and human sNASP homologs. Supplemental figure 2 shows an alignment of putative NLSs in fungal Hif1. Supplemental Figure 3 is a schematic representation of Hif1 deletion mutants. Supplemental Figure 4 shows indirect IF analysis of Hif1 deletion mutants. Supplemental Figure 5 shows sensitivity of selected strains of yeast to genotoxins. Supplemental Figure 6 shows a network representation of protein-protein and genetic interaction data for Hif1 and selected partners.


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Functional Analysis of Hif1 Histone Chaperone in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

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