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posted on 2021-07-13, 14:04 authored by Daniel S. Hassell, Marc G. Steingesser, Ashley S. Denney, Courtney R. Johnson, Michael A. McMurray
Table S1 has information about the temperature-sensitive alleles of essential genes in the "Boone TS collection" that we screened. Table S2 has information about the mutants from the Boone TS collection that were rescued by, or sensitive to, TMAO. Figure S1 provides the sequence of “recoded” URA3 genes used for CRISPR-Cas9-based integration into the yeast genome. Figure S2 has data regarding the dispensability of Arg 599 for E. coli β-gal activity in vivo. Figure S3 defines room temperature in our experiments. Figure S4 provides data regarding GdnHCl sensitivity in WT, TS, and erg6∆ mutants. Figures S5 and S6 contain data showing the failure of urea to rescue TS mutants. Figure S7 has data showing that DMSO or TMAO cannot replace cytosolic Hsp70 function. Figure S8 contains data regarding the restrictive temperatures of TS mutants and how this relates to their ability to be rescued by TMAO. Figure S9 shows examples of TMAO rescue of TS mutants.


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Chemical rescue of mutant proteins in living Saccharomyces cerevisiae cells by naturally occurring small molecules

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