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Supplemental Material for Zhong, McDonald, and Palma-Guerrero, 2020

posted on 2021-05-21, 16:59 authored by Ziming Zhong, Bruce A. McDonald, Javier Palma-Guerrero
Supplemental files for Zhong et al 2020.

These two files contain the genotypes and phenotypes collected from around 500 strains of the fungal wheat pathogen Zymoseptoria tritici from two cross populations (cross 1E4x1A5 and cross 3D1x3D7). These data were used for QTL mapping of oxidative stress tolerance in Z. tritici, conducted in plant pathology group at ETH Zurich. Names of traits in the data were indicated by hyphens. Radius indicates the growth value in centimetre, and melanin indicates the melanization value or grey scale of colonies. H in the trait name stands for growth media with hydrogen peroxide, and T18 stands for the control environment (media without hydrogen peroxide). Eight or 12 dpi in the trait name indicates the collection time, which is either at 8 or 12 days post inoculation. The rate traits are the growth or melanization difference between the two time points divided by 4 days. The relative traits are growth or melanization values under oxidative stress divided by the control values. The calculation of each traits were listed in the manuscript.

Z. tritici is haploid. Genotype is either A or B for 1E4x1A5 cross, and A stands for the genotype of 1A5. Genotype for 3D1x3D7 cross is AA or AB, reader as a backcross in the mapping package. AA is the genotype of 3D1.


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Tolerance to oxidative stress is associated with both oxidative stress response and inherent growth in a fungal wheat pathogen

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