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Supplemental Material for Zhang et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-04-26, 18:33 authored by Li Zhang, Alice MacQueen, Jason Bonnette, Felix B. Fritschi, David B. Lowry, Thomas E. Juenger

This includes the supplemental materials for the paper "QTL x environment interactions underlie ionome divergence in switchgrass". Tables S1-S4 are the phenotypic correlation between ionomic traits at each site, variance partitioning for each ionomic trait at each site, genetic correlation of each trait among sites, and the identified QTL for each ionomic trait across sites, respectively. Supplemental Table 5 is the QTL effects including additive and dominance terms at each site for each element. Supplemental Table 6 lists the candidate genes, and the Supplemental Table 7 is the significant GO terms. The QTL identified for each element within each category (macronutrient, micronutrient, analogue, and other) are presented in Supplemental Fig. 1 for visualization of QTL colocalization within category. The effects of QTL identified for each element across gardens is presented in Supplemental Fig. 2.


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QTL x environment interactions underlie ionome divergence in switchgrass Running title: Ionome QTL x E interactions