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Supplemental Material for Stum et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-03-15, 16:19 authored by Morgane G. Stum, Abigail L. D. Tadenev, Kevin L. Seburn, Kathy E. Miers, Pak P. Poon, Christopher R. McMaster, Carolyn Robinson, Coleen Kane, Kathleen A. Silva, Paul F. Cliften, John P. Sundberg, Laura G. Reinholdt, Simon W.M. John, Robert W. Burgess

Supplemental Fig 1. Skeletal morphology and body composition. A-D. X-ray snapshot of the hips at 3MO (A, B) and the neck at 9MO (C, D) in controls (A, C) and Pycr2-/- (B, D) mice did not reveal hip dysplasia in the mutant, but showed kyphosis. E. Outcomes of body composition and skeletal morphometry are tabulated.


Article title

Genetic analysis of Pycr1 and Pycr2 in mice