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Supplemental Material for Stewart et al., 2021

posted on 2021-07-08, 15:34 authored by Joseph A. Stewart, Michael B. Hillegass, Joseph H. Oberlitner, Ellen M. Younkin, Beth F. Wasserman, Anne M. Casper
Supp Fig S1 is PAU3 and other genes missing from the "Y" homolog of chromosome III. Supp Fig S2 is all LTGC strains not in the main manuscript. Supp Fig S3 is sequencing of the isolated "S" homolog of chromosome III in strain LTGC8. Supp Fig S4 is a Southern Blot probed with PAT1. Supp Fig S5 is additional details from strain LTGC 5. Table S1 is primers used to test SNPs. Table S2 is primers used to amplify junctions. Table S3 is the SNP analysis data used for phasing of alleles around each LTGC.


Article title

Non-canonical outcomes of break-induced replication produce complex, extremely long-tract gene conversion events in yeast