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Supplemental Material for Song et al., 2020

posted on 2020-10-19, 14:15 authored by Wan Song, Susanne Ressl, W. Daniel Tracey Jr

Figure S1 contains superimposition of RluA-2, RluA-1 models.

Figure S2 shows the RluA-1 expression in the adult brain.

Figure S3 confirms the reduction in RluA-1 expression in RluA-1-RNAi knockdown using Q-RT-PCR analysis.

Figure S4 shows the details about the RluA-1 gene region and generation and confirmation of the null allele RluA-1del-HDR.

Figure S5 shows overexpressing UAS-RluA-1 in larval sensory neurons using md-GAL4 has no effect on the larval thermal nociception at 42℃ noxious stimulus.

Figure S6 shows the details about RluA-2 gene region and generation and confirmation of RluA-2 single deletion allele RluA-2del-HDR and double deletion allele RluA-1del-HDRRluA-2del-HDR.

Figure S7 shows the hypersensitive thermal nociception phenotype in an independently generated allele RluA-2del-FRT.


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Loss of Pseudouridine Synthases in the RluA Family Causes Hypersensitive Nociception in Drosophila

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