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Supplemental Material for Rourke and Jaramillo-Lambert, 2022

posted on 2022-08-05, 14:28 authored by Christine Rourke, Aimee Jaramillo-Lambert

Figure S1 shows the localization of COH-3/4 in male spermatogenesis. Figure S2 shows the localization of REC-8 and AIR-2 in hermaphrodite spermatogenesis. Figure S3 shows the dynamics of HTP-3 and H3pT3 localization in male spermatogenesis. Figure S4 shows HTP-1/2 localization in pachytene of male spermatogenesis. Figure S5 shows LAB-1 localization in pachytene and lab-1 mutant defects in male spermatogenesis. 


Article title

TOP-2 is differentially required for the proper maintenance of the cohesin subunit REC-8 on meiotic chromosomes in C. elegans spermatogenesis and oogenesis

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