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Supplemental Material for Roelens et al., 2019

posted on 2019-07-24, 14:43 authored by Baptiste Roelens, Consuelo Barroso, Alex Montoya, Pedro Cutillas, Weibin Zhang, Alexander Woglar, Chloé Girard, Enrique Martinez-Perez, Anne M. Villeneuve
Figure S1: A proteomics-based approach to identify binding partners of HAL-2
Figure S2: Whole gonad images of samples presented in Figure 1
Figure S3: Interplay between the HAL-2/HAL-3 and the MRE-11/RAD-50 complexes
Figure S4: Mitosis to meiosis transition is normal in hal-2 and hal-3 mutants
Figure S5: Lack of PC-binding proteins or hal-3 lead to different defects in synapsis
Figure S6: Variability in the number and position of meiotic prophase nuclei positive for SUN-1 S8-Pi in hal-3 mutant gonads.
Figure S7: Defective chromosomal association of axis protein HTP-1 in hal mutants


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Spatial Regulation of Polo-Like Kinase Activity During Caenorhabditis elegans Meiosis by the Nucleoplasmic HAL-2/HAL-3 Complex

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