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Supplemental Material for Piggott et al., 2021

posted on 16.04.2021, 17:07 authored by Christopher A. Piggott, Zilu Wu, Stephen Nurrish, Suhong Xu, Joshua M. Kaplan, Andrew D. Chisholm, Yishi Jin
Figure S1 contains a phylogenetic comparison of the intron retained in JPH-1B. Figure S2 shows the expression pattern of a jph-1 transcriptional reporter and a JPH-1B translational fusion reporter. Figure S3 shows that jph-1(0) mutants do not alter touch neuron morphology or enhance axon fusion after injury. Figure S4 shows that JPH-1 and ESYT-2 reside near cholinergic presynaptic sites. Figure S5 contains the pharmacological responses of second alleles of jph-1 and esyt-2, and transgenes. Figure S6 shows that JPH-1A localization is unaltered in esyt-2(0). Supplemental Figures legends contains the legends for S1-S6. Supplemental Tables 1-4 contains a list of strains, plasmids/fosmids, transgenes, and primers used in this manuscript.


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Caenorhabditis elegans Junctophilin has tissue-specific functions and regulates neurotransmission with extended-synaptotagmin

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