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Supplemental Material for Li et al., 2018

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posted on 2018-12-26, 16:26 authored by Yu-Shan Li, Ran-Ran Meng, Xiu Chen, Cui-Ling Shang, Hong-Bin Li, Tao-Jun Zhang, Hua-Yang Long, Hui-Qi Li, Yi-Jing Wang, Feng-Chao Wang

Double immunostaining for H2BGFP and albumin in the livers of H11-albumin-rtTA/TetO-H2BGFP transgenic mice that were treated with 1 mg/ml Dox for two days. Enlarged images in boxed areas are shown below the original images. White arrows show representative GFP and albumin double staining positive cells; yellow arrows show representative GFP and albumin negative cells. GFP staining (green); albumin staining (red); DAPI nuclear counterstaining of DNA (blue). Scale bar: 50 μm.


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Generation of H11-albumin-rtTA Transgenic Mice: A Tool for Inducible Gene Expression in the Liver

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