Supplemental Material for Iosue et al., 2020

Supplementary data for G3 publication. It includes the following figures and tables:

Figure S1 demonstrates that ScTHI5 confers a growth advantage to C. glabrata during thiamine starvation. Figure S2 shows the frequency of abundant sequences after selection in thiamine starvation in the SEL-seq experiment. Table S2 shows the raw data from the seven samples sequenced in the SEL-seq experiment. Table S3 lists the sequences that were highly enriched after selection in thiamine starvation. Figure S3 aligns the sequences in Table S3 with C. glabrata THI promoters. Figure S4 shows a scanning mutagenesis of the 13 bp THI UAS in the CgPET18 promoter. Figure S5 is a schematic of S. cerevisiae promoters with the locations of binding sites as well as mutations and deletions made in this study. Figure S6 demonstrates that S. cerevisiae THI promoters are dependent on Pdc2, Thi2, and Thi3.