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Supplemental Material for Gallichio, Griffiths-Jones, and Ronshaugen, 2020

posted on 2020-11-18, 15:50 authored by Lorenzo Gallicchio, Sam Griffiths-Jones, Matthew Ronshaugen

Supplementary Figure S1 Single Channels from Fig.4, panels A and C

(A) sfGFP probes 40X. (B) sens probes 40X. (C) pre-miR-9a probes 40X. (D) sfGFP antibody 40X. (E) Marge 40X. (F) Merge 100X. (G) sfGFP probes 100X. (H) sens probes 100X. (I) pre-miR-9a probes 100X. (L) sfGFP antibody 100X.


Article title

Single cell visualisation of mir-9a and Senseless co-expression during Drosophila melanogaster embryonic and larval peripheral nervous system development

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