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Supplemental Material for Chung et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-06-22, 19:35 authored by SeYeon Chung, Thao Phuong Le, Vishakha Vishwakarma, Yim Ling Cheng, Deborah J. Andrew
Figure S1 contains in situ hybridization for different jbug splice forms.
Figure S2 contains RT-PCR results in jbug mutants.
Figure S3 contains planar cell polarity defects in jbug mutants.
Figure S4 contains denticle quantification.
Figure S5 contains salivary gland phenotypes in jbug mutants.
Figure S6 contains phenotypes for salivary glands overexpressing Jbug.
Figure S7 contains Crb signals in salivary glands knocked down for jbug zygotically, maternally, or both maternally and zygotically.


Article title

Isoform-specific roles of the Drosophila filamin-type protein Jitterbug (Jbug) during development