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Supplemental Material for Chen et al., 2019

posted on 2019-10-16, 16:05 authored by Cheng Chen, Haigen Huang, Ruibin Yan, Shuo Lin, Wei Qin
File S1 contains detailed description for all figures and movies. Movie S1 and S2 shows the circulation for rps9 mutant and sibling at 3 dpf, respectively. Fig S1 describes alignment result for human RPS9 and fish rps9. Fig S2 offers detailed demonstration for rps9 knockout. Fig S3 shows the erythrocyte rescue effect of rps9 mRNA in mutants. Fig S4 offers in situ results for hematopoietic genes. Fig S5 shows in situ results for two ribosomal genes. Fig S6 contains results for apoptosis change in rps9 mutant. Fig S7 contains hemoglobin staining results for rps9 sibling after p53 MO injection. Fig S8 shows in situ results for two vessel markers.


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Loss of rps9 in Zebrafish Leads to p53-Dependent Anemia

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