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Supplemental Material for Cahoon, Helm, and Libuda, 2019

posted on 2019-08-20, 13:34 authored by Cori K. Cahoon, Jacquellyn M. Helm, Diana E. Libuda
Figure S1A showslocalization of COSA-1, ZHP-3, and MSH-5 in syp-1and syp-3mutants. Figure S1B has unadjusted images of GFP::COSA-1 localization in wild-type, syp-2, and syp-3mutants. Figure S2A shows the localization of COSA-1 and MSH-5 in wild-type, him-3, htp-3, and rec-8mutants. Figure S2B shows localization of COSA-1 and ZHP-3 in wild-type and rec-8mutant. Figure S3 shows localization of COSA-1 and SYP-1 in syp-1partial depletions combined with wild-type, him-3,andrec-8 mutants. Figure S4 shows representative images and the quantification of DAPI staining bodies at diakinesis from wild-type, rec-8, cosa-1, rec-8; cosa-1, and rec-8; syp-2 mutants. Figure S5 shows the localization of RAD-51 in wild-type, syp-2 (ok307),andsyp-2; rec-8 mutants at both late pachytene (A) and diakinesis (B). Table S1 has the number of GFP::COSA-1 foci per nucleus in late pachytene from wild-type, syp-1, syp-2, syp-3, rec-8, rec-8;syp-2, andhim-3 mutants.


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Synaptonemal Complex Central Region Proteins Promote Localization of Pro-crossover Factors to Recombination Events During Caenorhabditis elegans Meiosis

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