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Supplementary materials for Barrett et al., 2021

posted on 2021-04-09, 18:32 authored by Alec Barrett, Rebecca McWhirter, Seth R. Taylor, Alexis Weinreb, David M. Miller III, Marc Hammarlund
Supplementary material describing comparisons between two RNA-sequencing library preparation techniques for low input samples in C. elegans. Two techniques were compared head-to-head on the same samples, a PolyA selection based approach (SMARTseq V4, Takara), and a ribodepletion based approach (SoLo Ovation, Tecan Genomics) with a custom ribodepletion probe set designed for C. elegans.

Here we describe: correlation analyses within and between each kit; gene level variance measures compared between the two techniques for all protein coding genes; and gene level variance comparisons between both techniques for the 2000 shortest and longest protein coding genes.

We also provide supplementary tables describing: metrics for sample inputs and mapping rates for all samples; mean and median values of variance measures in 5 ranked groups for both techniques, and comparisons between sample preparation in this study and a previous study.


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A head-to-head comparison of ribodepletion and polyA selection approaches for C. elegans low input RNA-sequencing libraries

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