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Supplementary Materials for Shorinola et al., 2019

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posted on 2019-07-26, 14:56 authored by Oluwaseyi Shorinola, Ryan kaye, Guy Golan, Zvi Peleg, Stefan Kepinski, Cristobal Uauy
The supplementary Table file contains Table S1 and Table S2. Table S1 contains information on mutants with significantly different seminal root number phenotypes to Cadenza. Table S2 contains information on all the mutants phenotyped in both Screen A and B.
The supplementary figure file contains Figure S1, Figure S2 and Figure S3. Figure S1 shows the relationship between the seminal root number measurements in Screen A and Screen B. Figure S2 and Figure S3 show representative images and embryo size measurement of mutants with validated altered seminal root number phenotypes, respectively


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Genetic Screening for Mutants with Altered Seminal Root Numbers in Hexaploid Wheat Using a High-Throughput Root Phenotyping Platform

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