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Supplementary Material for Schlauch et al., 2020

posted on 23.12.2019, 18:20 authored by Karen A Schlauch, Robert W. Read, Vincent C Lombardi, Gai Elhanan, William J Metcalf, Anthony D Slonim, 23andMe Research Team, Joseph J. Grzymski
Supplementary Figure S1: Quality-controlled average BMI values of participants.

Supplementary Figure S2: Manhattan plot of GWAS results of BMI with DM2-diagnosed individuals removed.

Supplementary Figure S3: ANOVA results for rs9939609.

Supplementary Table S1: GWAS results for BMI in a cohort with no DM2-diagnosed participants.

Supplementary Table S2: GWAS results for BMI in a cohort with DM2-diagnosed participants.

Supplementary Table S3: GWAS results the extreme obesity case-control study.

Supplementary Table S4: Significant EHR phenotypic associations with BMI.

Supplementary Table S5: Significant EHR phenotypic associations with extreme obesity.

Supplementary Table S6: Quality-controlled and averaged BMI participant values.

Supplementary Table S7: Counts of each phecode group.


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A Comprehensive Genome-Wide and Phenome-Wide Examination of BMI and Obesity in a Northern Nevadan Cohort

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