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Supplementary Material for Andrade et al., 2018

posted on 2018-09-05, 16:42 authored by Roberta B. Andrade, Marcos A.T. Amador, Giovanna Cavalcante, Luciana P.C. Leitão, Marianne R. Fernandes, Antônio A.C. Modesto, Fabiano Cordeiro Moreira, André S. Khayat, Paulo P. Assumpção, Ândrea Ribeiro-dos-Santos, Sidney E. B. Santos, Ney P.C. Santos

This study included 939 samples to represent the parental groups that contributed to the formation of the Brazilian population and 1050 individuals from the admixed population of São Paulo state, Brazil.

The samples considered as parental groups included: African, European, Native American, and Japanese. To validate the AIM set usage for estimating Asian ancestry, we employed it in the analyses of 1050 individuals from São Paulo state, in Southeastern Brazil. This population was formed by the admixture of European (higher contribution), African and Native American populations, as well as, more recently, by a significant amount of Japanese individuals. Therefore, the São Paulo population is suitable to be analyzed in this study.

All participants have authorized the collection of their biological samples by signing a consent form and the ethical aspects of this study have been approved by the Ethics Committee (Santos et al. 2010).


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Estimating Asian Contribution to the Brazilian Population: A New Application of a Validated Set of 61 Ancestry Informative Markers

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