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posted on 2020-02-28, 14:55 authored by Mingzi Xu, Kerry L. Shaw
File S1 contains additional method details and supplementary results; Table S1 contains information about conserved domains in the 11 Drosophila melanogaster candidate genes for variation in interpulse interval of courtship song; Table S2 contains summary statistics of the linkage maps; Table S3 contains results from MQM on linkage groups other than LG5; Table S4 contains frequency distributions of the F2 male pulse rates and chi-squared test results for Mendelian segregation ratios in 4C and 4E families; Table S5 shows results of functional annotation of the 66 predicted genes on the five focal scaffolds within and flanking the 1.5-LOD (same as 5-LOD) support confidence interval of the major QTL peak in 4C.9; Table S6 contains information about conserved domains in CNG and HCN channels used for protein tree construction; Table S7 contains descriptions of top blast hits and the E-values for unannotated genes in Table S5 from a blast using relaxed E-value cutoff of 100; Figure S1 shows the phenotypic distribution in NIL4B; Figure S2 shows homology and synteny of linkage groups among 6 F2 families; Figure S3 shows the linkage maps of A) NIL4C and NIL4E and B) NIL4B; Figure S4 shows the LOD profile of MQM and SIM models in NIL4B; Figure S5 shows synteny between the linkage map of 18 markers showing potential double recombination patterns on linkage group 5 and the linkage map for LG5 used for QTL mapping in 4C.9; Figure S6 shows alignment between protein sequence of the termite Zootermopsis nevadensis cyclic nucleotide-gated olfactory channel-like protein and the putative Laupala Cngl homolog.


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The Genetics of Mating Song Evolution Underlying Rapid Speciation: Linking Quantitative Variation to Candidate Genes for Behavioral Isolation

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