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Supplemental material for Kokate, Techtmann, and Werner, 2021

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posted on 2021-05-28, 17:33 authored by Prajakta P. Kokate, Stephen M. Techtmann, Thomas Werner
The Excel tables contain accession numbers, tRNA counts, amino acid compositions, mean RSCU values, RSCU standard deviation values, mean sENCx values, and mean SDU values.

Table S1 lists accession numbers.

Table S2 shows tRNA counts from genomes of 29 Drosophila species.

Table S3 shows the amino acid composition: mean and standard deviation

Table S4 lists the mean RSCU values of the codons.

Table S5 lists the standard deviation of the RSCU values of the codons.

Table S6 lists the mean sENC-X values for each amino acid.

Table S7 lists the mean SDU values for the dinucleotide23.


Article title

Codon usage bias and dinucleotide preference in 29 Drosophila species