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Supplemental for Dean et al., 2022

posted on 2022-04-13, 18:04 authored by Derek M. Dean, David L Deitcher, Caleigh O. Paster, Manting Xu, David W. Loehlin

Three files in this submission:

1) Supplementary Materials and Methods

Detailed information about fly stocks, experimental crosses, the new Yippee CRISPR alleles, photography, and gray value data collection/analysis. See page 1 for a Table of Contents.

2) Supplementary Data

Raw gray value data and statistical analysis.

Sheets 1-5: Scutal gray values for data summarized in Figures 2F, 2L, 3K, 4G, and 5I.

Sheet 6: Tukey's HSD p-values.

See Materials and Methods and Supplementary Materials and Methods for details about data collection and analysis.

3) Supplementary Results

Yippees1 pupal and adult cDNA sequences, Figure S6 (graphic of adult Yippees1 cDNAs), and Figure S7 (high resolution examples of Yippee bristle phenotype).


Article title

“A fly appeared”: sable, a classic Drosophila mutation, maps to Yippee, a gene affecting body color, wings, and bristles

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