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Supplemental Materials for Yin and Hedgecock, 2021

posted on 2021-09-30, 16:20 authored by Xiaoshen Yin, Dennis Hedgecock
The file vresubmit-vQTL dataset.xlsx includes all the data (i.e., genotypes, phenotypes, marker information) used in the analysis.

The file vresubmit-vQTL SI.xlsx includes supplemental information.

Table S1. Three-way contingency analyses of sire × dam haplotype combinations × numbers of markers with identical or non-identical alleles, for all families and chromosomes

Table S2. Genetic models of vQTL

Table S3. Transcriptomic representation (RPKM) of candidate genes under vQTL driven by one IBD recessive mutation at different developmental stages

Figure S1. Example heatmaps of p-values of contingency chi-square tests on PROC QTL-estimated genotype frequencies between markers on a chromosome. The adjusted significance level is adopted to control false discovery rate; yellow indicates positions with LRT above the threshold, blue indicates separate vQTL peaks, red indicates significant p-values, and green indicates nonsignificant p-values.


Article title

Overt and Concealed Genetic Loads Revealed by QTL Mapping of Genotype-dependent Viability in the Pacific Oyster Crassostrea gigas