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Supplemental Materials for Rodriguez et al 2022

posted on 2022-03-01, 16:48 authored by Sara Rodriguez, Ashley Ward, Andrew Reckard, Yulia Shtanko, Clayton Hull-Crew, Andrew Klocko
In situ Hi-C of wild type Neurospora crassa using two restriction endonucleases that monitor chromatin contacts at euchromatin (DpnII) or heterochromatin (MseI) - these two independent datasets were also merged into a single fastq dataset that was processed into a comprehensive contact matrix. In addition, a double digest in situ Hi-C dataset was also generated. These supplemental figures present our work, using these datasets, to characterize the genome organization of the filamentous fungal model organism Neurospora crassa at a high resolution.


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The genome organization of Neurospora crassa at high-resolution uncovers principles of fungal chromosome topology

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