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Supplemental Materials for Neale et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-10-28, 18:00 authored by David B. Neale, Aleksey V. Zimin, Sumaira Zaman, Alison D. Scott, Bikash Shrestha, Rachel E. Workman, Daniela Puiu, Brian J. Allen, Zane J. Moore, Manoj K. Sekhwal, Amanda R. De La Torre, Patrick E. McGuire, Emily Burns, Winston Timp, Jill L. Wegrzyn, Steven L. Salzberg
Extended Data Table S1. Comparative genomics workbook containing the functional annotation for all protein-coding genes, gene family analysis via OrthoFinder, gene family comparisons, enrichment analysis for long introns, and genes in proximity to copia LTRs.
Extended Data Table S2. Single-copy gene family analysis workbook
Extended Data Table S3. Multi-copy gene family analysis workbook


Article title

Assembled and annotated 26.5 Gbp coast redwood genome: a resource for estimating evolutionary adaptive potential and investigating hexaploid origin