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Supplemental Materials for Hickman et al., 2021

posted on 2021-11-05, 14:15 authored by Allison R. Hickman, Yuqing Hang, Rini Pauly, Frank A. Feltus
Supplemental Table 1. Gene Co-expression Networks with DEG Annotations. Supplemental Table 2. Differential Expression Analysis Results Comparing UCEC and GTEx. Supplemental Table 3. Differential Expression Analysis Results Comparing UCS and GTEx. Supplemental Table 4. Cancer-Specific Gene Regulatory Networks. Supplemental Table 5. GTEx Gene Regulatory Network. Supplemental Table 6. GDC Mutation Rates of UCEC Triangle Genes and Transcription Factors. Supplemental Table 7. Functional Enrichment Results for Differentially Expressed Genes in Each Cancer-Specific Gene Expression Network Supplemental Data 1: Cytoscape file with merged csGCN-GRNs.


Article title

Identification of Condition-Specific Biomarker Systems in Uterine Cancer