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Supplemental Materials for Hanson, Dawson and Goldman 2021

posted on 2021-09-23, 15:03 authored by Solveig J. Hanson, Julie C. Dawson, Irwin L. Goldman

Code and raw data are available via FigShare. File S1 contains R code used to analyze phenotypic data found in Files S2 and S3. File S4 contains R code used for association analysis and PCA. Association analysis uses phenotypic data found in File S5, and PCA uses categorical data in File S6. Both analyses use the filtered marker data set in File S7. Unfiltered genomic data in Variant Call Format are found in File S8. Files S7 and S8 include original EL10.2 scaffold names that were later renamed according to Butterfass nomenclature.


Article title

B. vulgaris ssp. vulgaris Chromosome 8 shows significant association with geosmin concentration in table beet