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Supplemental Materials for Ence et al., 2021

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posted on 2021-12-07, 18:53 authored by Daniel Ence, Katherine E. Smith, Shenghua Fan, Leandro Gomide Neves, Robin Paul, Jill Wegrzyn, Gary F. Peter, Matias Kirst, Jeremy Brawner, C. Dana Nelson, John M. Davis
Supplementary Table 1. Elite rust-resistant families RNA pooling
Supplementary Table 2. Previously Identified Candidate Fr1 Candidates
Supplementary Table 3. Elite resistant families transcriptome summary
Supplementary Table 4. Prior linkage-map knowledge of GWAS significant scaffolds
Supplementary Table 5. Genotype of Fr1-associated SNPs in Non-10-5 Cross Samples
Supplementary Table 6. Predicted Impact of Fr1-associated SNPs


Article title

NLR Diversity and Candidate Fusiform Rust Resistance Genes in Loblolly Pine